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The 3 Treasures.

So, what are the 3 Treasures?

The 3 Treasures are called San Cai and they are
Heaven, Man and Earth, and what are the 3 Powers of each of each?
The 3 Powers, called San Bao and each of their 3 Treasures are:

Heaven: Moon, Sun, Stars
Nature- Man: Essence, Energy, Spirit
Earth: Soil, Water, Wind

The foundation of traditional Daoist Medical Qigong is based on the prevailing primordial energetic presence of the Dao- the One- in all. Of all things existing in nature, it was said that the Sun, Moon and Stars of Heaven and the Soil, Water and Wind of Earth contained the highest concentrations of energy- Qi-. These concentrations of energy were known as the Three Treasures of Heaven and the Three Treasures of Earth and they affected the Three Treasures of Man ( Jing, Qi, and Shen) both externally and internally. Each of the Three Powers and their Three Treasures also constitute the basis of Chinese internal alchemy, whereby Jing, (Essence) is transformed into Qi (Energy) and Qi is transformed to Shen (Spirit), and Shen is transformed into Wuji (infinite space) and then released back to the Dao (or divine).

The Powers of Heaven and Earth are not only interlinked, but also exist as a microcosm, or a “small universe”, within the physical body. All matter, from the thinnest molecular particles to gigantic planets and stars, is composed of energy and is bound into various patterns of vibration. The human body is a dynamic interaction of two basic elements of Yin and Yang polarity. Mom and Dad first and foremost! Yang ascends and is expressed through expansive, active, hard and aggressvie movements and Yin energy descends and is expressed through contractive, passive, soft, and yielding movements.
Formations of matter are held together by the interacting electromagnetic fields, and gravity. Yin and Yang polarity, and are expressed through The Three Powers.

The seasonal cycles are an example of Yin Earthly movements, while the solar and lunar cycles are patterns of Yang Heavenly energy.

The principles of traditional Chinese Medicine of promoting good-health and longevity are based in the ability to harmonize with the transitions and seasonal changes of Heaven and Earth.

Happy Spring!


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