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Primal Energy.

The 5 energies the body responds to.

According to the first law of thermodynamics: “Energy can never be created nor destroyed”,

Energy and Matter are interchangeable as Einstein postulated in his most famous equation E=MC2 which can very well be the signature itself of his life’s energy utmost achievements, the fruit of the transformations of his energy and matter.

When speaking about energy, it is always important to bring the context in which it is spoken of since energy is prevalent and is everything and everywhere in a continuum from denser matter, to thin matter into thinnest matter and back to thin matter and to denser matter in cycles of transformations, like ice, when heated becomes water and steam. This steam could be the cloud which becomes rain and then a river which can become ice during the winter and on …

From a Medical Qigong standpoint, every cell in the body both produces and responds to 5 different forms of energy which are: sound, light, heat, electricity and magnetic energy, they are the vehicle by which the energy is trans-formed into matter and becomes the matter’s energy then the energy’s matter and matter is transformed again into energy.

Matter and energy rhythmically transform into each other within and around the cells. When the cell contracts, matter within the cell is transformed and released into energy and when the cell expands energy is taken form outside the cell and transformed into matter within the cell. The 5 energies sound, light, heat, electricity and magnetic are the form by which the body tissue interacts and communicates its intelligence with its surrounding.

Ultimately, the human process being the transformative process of Jing- our physical denser matter transmitted via genes- into Shen – our personal relationship with the divine energy, thinnest matter- via Qi- DIvine’s energy into human matters.


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