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2017- 2018 IN GOD’s HAND

All my best wishes for the New Year 2018!! 

May this New Year bring you great happiness, health and fruition!


As the new year starts, I am sharing my traditional year-end video which includes some of the most significant moments of the year, the challenges and the rewards:

Catching the sunrises in the morning at the beach, starting with the first picture I took in the very beginning of the year with my right hand up to the sky, fire above water below.

The complicated grieving of the passing of John Matthew Upledger, who was a spiritual brother to me from the moment I met him when his father invited me to work at the Upledger clinic 22 years ago. 

My son Dorian’s epic journey to Grand Canyon in Arizona with his beloved family, uncle Philip and aunt Nancy and his beautiful attendant, Chanel. 

A continuum in my osteopathic studies with the author, renown French Osteopath Bernard Darraillians in New York City, right by The MET.

The exhibit of Rodin 100 years after his passing at The MET which magically caught my attention.  His work at hand including his own, a cherished appreciation from another hand worker with different yet very similar skills. A massive right hand, itself emerging from a very roughhewn block of marble, holds a clod of earth in which two struggling emergent figures, Adam and Eve, have been modeled. The hand of the original Creator is also that of the sculptor.

Proverbs 21:1. The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He wishes. 

The clearing of the field disguised in hurricanes which brought down many symbolic palm leaves.

The intensity of the revelations from the healing process emerging from the work at hand with a clear acceleration of the results that we get as a team.

I am now looking forward to this New Year and the fruition of  projects which have been in the under current of it all.

I wish you Ease, Clarity and a Flow of Rewards in the New Year 2018.

With Love and Blessings,

Dr. Cloe Couturier.


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  • robertspicer

    Beautifully done Cloe, From the beach view to the Met art work as well as Dorian’s epic journey to Grand Canyon. Thank you for allowing all of us to walk with you and your family this past year. Here is to good health and new friends this coming year and holding those we have lost close to our hearts.

  • Thank you Robert for your insightful words. Allowing myself to be more vulnerable with you all has shifted my pace and brought more support into our lives. The focus on the Met also represents the symbolic evolution of my work as a CST practitioner which is part of the undercurrent going on and what I wish to transmit to our community. Yes, good health, and new friends in 2018, while holding close to our hearts those who have passed. Big Hugs.