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I wish to dedicate this blog post to all the people who have trusted me over the years with their health, and their loved ones, their family’s and tribe’s and continue to do so. My practice has been growing exponentially and the results you are experiencing are the fruit of my work and steady dedication to the healing process conjugated with your “health-drive” and your determination to heal naturally.

It makes it all worthwhile and more than ever do I understand the mission I have been led to from an early age on which has guided me into this path, the insatiable desire to learn and to train, to study with some of the most renown teachers in the world and in different countries, learning different systems of healing and medicine and integrating it into my own way together with you, session after session.

I am truly honored and blessed to witness the results and the changes year after year, not just with yourselves but also with your families.

It seems that since the passing of Dr. John Upledger last October, things have been accelerating for me. Being in his shadow for so many years, was not helping me truly understand what my work was about since he would be getting all the credits. Well, he still does, I still give him all the credits for having taught me so well, and I am also grateful for all the teachers who have taught me so well and to their own dedications to the healing process. It takes a great deal of focus together with a great humility to do the work that we do. I just understand it all so much better now that he is gone and that you are still coming to see me.

I like to blog and use the social media periodically to acknowledge the journey that is guiding me and that has brought us together. This time, I wish to express my gratitude to you all for trusting me with your health, your lives and loved one’s. It really is an honor and a privilege to accompany you, to facilitate your lives, your health and your healing processes.

The magic is in our therapeutic relationship, we both work at it. You do your share and I do mine and this is why it works so well.

The lessons that we learn together are mighty empowering and we are breaking through layers of consciousness every time we allow the healing process to show us its natural path, its natural way, following the nature at work within our lives in its potency. These lessons are cumulative and participate to the evolution of our own self-understanding which in turns guides our health through our better life choices, and transforms not just our lives but the field in which we live and all its inhabitants.

So…A BIG THANK YOU for choosing to work with me.

May God continue to bless you and may you continue to live a happy and healthy life with rich fruitions in all dimensions of your being and just remember I am here, and God willing I will never stop doing this work that I love so much.

“Each one of us has been gifted with an Inner Physician. As Healthcare providers, we are most efficient when we facilitate the Inner Physician to do its work.” –  Cloe Couturier

PS: Stay tuned, my new Meditation New Art 2013 collection is springing soon!


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  • Merci beaucoup for the thank you and another sharing from your heart, Cloe.