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From the neighborhood, I got 2 interesting stories to share about how my field of influence is progressively rising mostly from doing my work quietly and peacefully everyday, patiently serving the people.
1. My client yesterday before our session shared with me that she was at Whole Foods downtown Palm Beach Gardens, looking at vitamins and started chatting and exchanging information with this man she met on the aisle. At some point she mentioned that she was on her way to the Upledger clinic to work with me, Cloe Couturier and he apparently knew about me and responded to her: “Oh yes, I heard wonderful things about her!”. He lectures at The Hippocrates Health Institute in Palm Beach.
2. This other client, a colleague osteopath and a friend of mine, said to me after our session: “…..Cloe, you are an icon in Palm Beach…”
I am usually referred to as a master but nobody had ever called me an icon yet!!
Don’t worry, I don’t let these compliments get to my ego!! However these are some of the greatest returns I have ever received and it is all felt really rewarding. These returns are part of the results of my sheer dedication to the healing arts and my achievements in following the pursuits of these years of studies which is and has been bearing good healthy fruits, specially when most people did not understand it.
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. Its’ not.”
Dr. Seuss
Meanwhile at work this week, my book is full mostly with members of 4 different families. And yesterday, I got to work with the 3 generations, at different times of the day without them knowing about their appointments with me…Mother, daughter and grand-son whom I have known from the time mom was pregnant.
Gratitude to the Divine Spark, which continues to lighten my path and guide my energy, my mind, my heart and my words. Gratitude to all my master teachers.

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