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Not a superhero, simply, being, human.

Among emotions, compassion is defined as kindness, caring and a deep desire and willingness to help someone who is suffering and to share the suffering with the wish to relieve it. It is not empathy which is more so an awareness and an understanding of someone’s feelings than a shared suffering. 

Compassion for self is to admit deeply the suffering that we feel from our own imperfections, and to accept the reality of our own fragility and mortality and to simply be and feel it.

As practitioners of health care we are practitioners of life first and as we do life we also will get challenged just like every body else of course and in any aspect and dimension of our lives, physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally, affectively, environmentally, spiritually etc. Working with the people will move our own stuff even more so and will promote further attention to the healing of our own fields and at any level of our beings.

Having compassion for self is to be ok with meeting the challenges as they will come, because it is part of the living package and that a life without it would be a totally boring and shallow life. As practitioners, we are and offer the fruit of our being and experiences in addition to our education and the quality of our learned skills and as we do life and move through these difficult challenges, we get to mature in this inherent reality of life and are better able to meet people where they are.

Having compassion for self is to be ok to say it as we feel it and to not take on what we know is too much for us. It is important to make room for self and to take time to care for oneself and feel our own suffering.

In feeling compassion for myself over the last few weeks in dealing with a personal challenge, I got to expand on the understanding of the imperfections we all stem from, I became an “imperfectionist” and I met my own life in whole new way. There, deep within, I felt a sense of compassion for myself which moved me into a new space of being able to feel compassion for others also in a whole different way.

During a follow-up session with one of my very regular clients, as I was weakened from my personal challenge, I felt that we could just meet there, so simply and so peacefully into this place of imperfection where he simply needed to be. There were no more need to fix anything, we could just be present with the moment and drop into this deep place together as if nothing else mattered any longer. It was so profound and so healing for both of us.

When came our next session, he told me how his past session had been our best session thus far and what a profound impact it had had on him, and that it was a turning point for him in his life. I was in awe as I felt that it had been my weakest session ever, because I was not operating with my usual level of strength.

Not ever knowing what I was dealing with he said to me that during the session my “hands did not matter any longer” that what he had felt was “a deep non-describable spiritual connection with me”. He insisted that it was not about my hands anymore and that it felt like my hands were gone during the session, even though I had my hands on him, he said that it was all about the presence and the spiritual connection that he had felt with me during that session. A connection where we both could feel that deep compassion for our imperfections and not try to fix any of it.  We did not need to give it a name either as it did not matter. This session has shifted me forever also. 

The more I evolve as a cranial practitioner, the more grateful I am to my teachers and specially to Dr. John Upledger for having taught us so well. And how after all these years of practice, I feel much appreciation for him as I continue to evolve in the path he opened up and guided me into.

Now, I have the peace and the serenity in my heart and soul that I can hold someone from this place of deep compassion, that deep indescribable spiritual connection where it is no longer about the hands and that it does not have to be given any word, nor any name. The hands are important of course, they are our direct human connection for compassion, but compassion is much deeper and much greater than the physical touch. 

Compassion is about the presence of being, this non-describable spiritual connection where we can meet, this deep place of suffering that we all share and will experience sometimes, somewhere, someplace in the greater depth of our lives and the greater depth of our being and that it is ok.

Dr. Cloe C.



A few days later, I received this most amazing note from a client Who has done a lot of work with me over the months:

“Yesterday was the full moon in Taurus/Scorpio known as the Buddha moon as Buddha is said to have been born, died and was enlightened on the day of this moon. I meditated yesterday from 10:30-3:30pm in a guided meditation which took me to the Himalayas where each year people go to receive the message of Buddha at exact time of the full moon.

I brought you with me in all my meditation and prayers so you could receive the blessings in thanksgiving for your beautiful work and the beautiful woman you are on so many levels.

The message of the Buddha was Compassion, which you live in such a very special way.

May you always be blessed.” J. B. Ph.D.  5, 2017


Feeling moved, humbled blessed and grateful by the kindness and the gentle heart of the people I have the great privilege to work with and Who teach me so much and in so many ways. Dr. CC.




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