CSQG is a form of Medical Qigong. It has become a new form of Qigong in its own way, based on the regulation and the refining of the energy of the breath during the Craniosacral process.

It is a therapeutic process based on a teacher-student relationship led by a trained and qualified teacher.

The lessons learned are about health, self-healing, the foundation to living in a balanced state of health and how to stay healthy with the seasons.

This is a therapeutic blending which has evolved from over 25 years of experience from the practice of combining 2 health-based modalities, Craniosacral therapy, with medical Qigong.

The context of this process within a relationship makes it a human process as in this teacher-student relationship, the roles can be interchanged, since both parties bring their own life experiences, the process teaches as it enfolds. It is a practice and a learning process where we all learn, practice and get to better discover more about our good health, being healthy and the healing process.

These are some of the most ancient teachings that keep evolving quantumly as science evolves, not only proving and validating the authenticity of these most ancient teachings but also enhancing the space of the interface of the therapeutic encounter.

This process enriches and empowers the CST practice/process:

  • with your Qi which conjugates with the person’s Qi and in this interface is amped-up and without cost to your own Qi
  • Meditations specific for specific conditions are given to the person to support their own healing process/the same way medication would
  • Roadmaps are depicted by the practitioner as the process enfolds and evolves, which allow the practitioner to both identify Qi deviations
  • Qi practice activates, exercises and embodies righteous Qi, so that the practitioner can identify the presence of deviation and encourage the regulation and self-regulatory processes.

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