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Flow, flow, flow, CerebroSpinal fluid flow, gently down the stream…

7719_101692809846778_100000181770615_49813_6698323_nThis New Year and new decade is starting strongly at The Upledger Clinic. We are really busy. I wish to clarify this, since I received many notes and questions from people who were wondering about our clinic and the retiring of Dr. John Upledger DO, O.M.M.

Indeed, we are still operating at the same location and treating patients. Dr John has officially passed on, the “flame and the flow” that is. If anything, our core group is now composed of the 6 practitioners with the greatest longevity at The Upledger Institute Clinic around our teacher, Dr. John . Six amazingly soft and powerful women (yes, including my Upledgered self), each having our own clinical expertise and specialty in our practice of CranioSacral therapy.

As you can read through my blog, I blend CST with Medical Qigong together with my Osteopathic skills.

Following Dr. John E. Upledger, D.O.O.M.M., our beloved teacher, we come to embrace and trust the work he has taught us even more, if anything, just because people come back for it (we might for a brief moment  have thought they were coming back for him). Why? simply because it works!!!.

We keep witnessing the amazing cures that people receive through our hands. Craniosacral therapy keeps growing on us and it will continue to do so. Thank you Dr. John for following the flow and guiding us into its intelligence and helping us define its road maps.

I also wish to acknowledge my dear friend and associate over the years, John Matthew Upledger, Dr. John Upledger’s son, and his organization, for coming back in the “saddle” and helping with the business end of our organization.  The immense work he and his team are producing is facilitating the teachings of natural health and healing to circulate throughout the world, in 28 countries and growing.  It is a great honor and privilege to be part of this group.

It is also a great honor and privilege to have the trust of all of you, people who trust me and have trusted me over the years with your life processes and your family’s. This work is magical and keeps me really busy all day during sessions and I wanted to come out of the treatment room, where I seem to live lately and to share this with everybody.

The winter season is associated with the Kidney season in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the correspondent element is Water. In the human body, the water element represents all body fluids, blood, plasma, lymph, interstitial fluid, etc… all fluids including cerebrospinal fluid. It is Yin, feminine energy, as water pours down towards the Earth. It symbolizes the prenatal energy, DNA, the structure of life, the inherited energy that we have received from our parents and our ancestors, our bones, Jing.

Dr. John’s work and discovery of the CranioSacral system and his pressurestat model which explain the cerebro-spinal fluid flow mechanisms is transforming humanity to the core by helping us understand our body and mind processes. It also further develops (for the therapist) the intelligence of the human hand by its extreme light touch in the interface with the {Body-Mind in Spirit} Unit. The flow takes us, let’s go with the flow…flow, flow, gently down the stream, with the most gentle and subtle touch human hands can achieve, that is pretty much what we do at the Upledger Clinic. This is what we have learned from you Dr. John.

You did train our hands as they just know how to follow the flow; all we need is to get softer and softer to feel the flow and the flow takes us where we need to go and as you always said:

“ Just T R U S T”.  Gratefully and Gracefully and Divinely The Best we can  now and always, yes we are,… we do Dr. John, following your steps- What an Honor, OMG I feel blessed, I want to share.

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    Témoignage plein d'Amour et de Reconnaissance… Thanks for posting <3

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