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Only when we understand the yin sphere, can we get to fully help someone heal the core issue of the tissues, the true underlying cause behind the presenting symptom.

Why? Because, healing and being healthy can only happen when we respect the laws of our body nature, the laws of the Dao, and these laws are based on seeking balance, the balance between yin and yang.

What we see is yang and what we do not see is yin. The tangible world is yang while the intangible world is yin; therefore the human body is yang while the part, which animates the body, including soul as mind, spirit, thought, and consciousness, is yin.

When the patient comes to the doctor’s office, the doctor will treat the visible yang aspect of the disease without taking into consideration the root cause of the problem, which for the most part resides within the patient’s yin sphere.

Tiffany, a dental hygienist, came to me for therapy a few weeks ago complaining of back pain as well as some swelling in one foot for a few weeks. My examination revealed a “healthy” yet compressed kidney. (Compressed tissues are restricted, creating fluid stagnation or stasis and restricted motion.) The kidney, whose main function is to purify the most vital fluid in the body, the blood, started creating local damage in its own internal milieu.

After the first session, the foot swelling and back pain disappeared. Tiffany’s second session with me revealed a spinal lesion in her mid-thoracic spine around the 6th and 7th thoracic segment , the level at which she repetitively, habitually rotates while performing her duties as a dental hygienist.  This caused what we refer to in Medical Qigong as a “Qi deviation”, or what we also refer to in CST as a “facilitated segment”

Treating the kidney with medicine without changing the posture and habit will of course only perpetuate the Qi deviation and enhance it, instead of correcting it. As we worked and Tiffany’s body revealed all of these components, we were able to decipher the root causes by observing and taking into consideration both the yang internal milieu and yin external behavior, or habit. Tiffany’s body revealed them in the multidimensional space that the art of CST provides.

Tiffany’s work habits and style are responsible for the symptoms she is presenting. Treating only her body, without taking into consideration her patterns or her yang body within the yin sphere won’t get to the source of the problem.

After the 3rd session, the axis of rotation of the spinal segments got to realign with the other segments of her spine. In addition, Tiffany readjusted her workspace and started doing some Qigong exercise I prescribed in order to circulate her Qi effectively throughout the day.

So, will treating the internal environment, without addressing the external environment, i.e., changing the postural deviation that causes this issue bring about healing?

The answer is “No.”

What treatment is usually administered? Medication. What will medication accomplish? It will give a temporarily relief to the person, alleviating the symptom without correcting the issue.

The true problem is this person’s habitus in a combination of posture and repeated motion from her work over the years– moving in the same fashion in a relatively small space that has created a Qi deviation in her body and creating a series of symptoms, mostly presenting as pain.

So … ask yourself right now, “How is my posture?” Is your dural tube happy and free? Are you sitting comfortably as you are reading about Tiffany’s story?

If not, consciously correct it, and make a habit—a good one—of consciously checking your posture and realigning.

It will save you energy in pain, tension, and future stresses.

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  • Many thanks Cloe,
    I believe this to be true, especially after taking a course in Alexander Technique as a young student.
    Posture affects not only our body, but mental attitude, happiness and health.
    Great article.
    Joe x

    Thank you Joe:)

  • Rachel

    After learning the hard way that treating the yang is only treating symptoms, my yin was out of balance. Qigong and CST have brought abut healing, body and Qi alike.

  • Suzanne Dricot

    Good piece of advice ! Thank you.

  • Thank you Suzanne/ Merci:)

  • Thx for your feed-back, Rachel:) The combination of the two therapeutic modalites creates a very rich health cocktail!

  • FranJex

    Oh I love this sort of healing – medication simply covers up the symptoms, this is fascinating, specially to me as my posture is not always great. I spend time at the computer and also have a bit of scoliosis!

  • Linda

    Very clear and concise explanation of posture. Position. Hold yourself well.