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It is 4:00pm on Friday; I greet my last patients of the week, a couple with a beautiful glow that shines from afar. The wife informs me that clairvoyance runs in the family and she has a history of being a medium.

Midway through the session she says to me, “I clearly see the shape of a man behind you, he is guiding your hands as you work on me.”

“It must be Dr. John’s Spirit” I responded, “It works with me, we are even in the treatment room where Dr. John treated his patients since 1985.  “His Spirit comes and works with us together with The Angels”, I continued, “Many practitioners have shared how they feel the presence of his Spirit also when they work on people”.

The energy of the room shifted and it felt as a part of her was lifted off the table and another part dropped peacefully even deeper into a state of profound healing…We could feel this presence…in this healing space, there is no past, no present and no future…everything happens at the same time, we are in a vortex where a flow of information is transmitted, where we just know who we are, how to be, where to move and how to move and in which direction or when to stop or when to go at a very subtle micron level of the interface …there are no more words, only a deep silence where all the information becomes known and felt and all we need is to follow it as it guides us. And in simply following the flow, I can be with my teacher ‘s Spirit and my hands are guided…an ever-presence that he also was following. This ever presence, this ever knowing is our life intelligence guiding us…moment by moment and even more so when we feel it from our body’s experience. It takes skills to guide and navigate in these dimensions with someone.

“His gift is to humanity” she said with her hands clasped together as in a prayer on her chest and from a deep place of gratitude. “I feel so blessed to be here, now.”

She had injured her knee during a ski accident and was questioning whether or not she should need surgical intervention.

November holds a particular sentimental significance for me in the remembrance of my teacher.

I met Dr. John in November 1995 while he was teaching my SER I class. The same month he treated my son Dorian, who had been diagnosed with an incurable illness, a severe form of muscular dystrophy, moving him up the 2-year waiting list and then invited me to work with him at the clinic!

In November 2011, (11/11/11)!!!  I was afforded the opportunity and with great privilege and honor moved my practice into his treatment room.


Thank you Dr. John, and on behalf of all the practitioners of IAHP community in the world for the perpetual guidance and the excellence of the teachings you have generously shared and equipped us with.


Thank you for being in our lives.

Best Wishes and Happy Thanksgiving Holidays to Everyone.

Cloé 🙂


Dr. John Upledger DO, OMM (1932-2012)

PS: Dorian is doing excellent 🙂


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  • Marjorie Arcand

    Cloe…..I just read your beautiful message….I am so touched and emotional…..feeling your sincerity and the passion of your eloquent words as you talk from your heart. I love the picture you share with Dr. John….you two were connected on many levels. How fortunate you were to be able to work with him and know him as a friend.
    I am humbled by knowing you and so grateful for having you work on me. Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart. Love, Margie

  • Cloe Couturier

    Thank you Marjorie for your very moving words, they mean the world to me, that is why I live for. With Love – Cloé 🙂