Meditations New Art – Summer 2012

Here is my latest collection of meditative digital artwork. I hope you enjoy it and that you also will share with me how watching it made you feel. Alfred A. Montapert” said: “Your life will be no better than the plans you make and the action you take. You are the architect and builder of […]

Meditations New Art – Spring 2012

Spring has sprung and here is my latest digital art collection. You will notice inserted in my art pieces, the last 2 certificates for the requirements of my medical Qigong doctorate. This process has been taking a lot of my time and has not allowed much time for interfacing outside of my treatment room and […]

Meditations New Art – 11-11-11

Please, enjoy my latest favorite compositions from these last few weeks, in a meditative continuum- 11-11 is a mysterious portal between dimensions where the ups and the downs get to find the clarity in directions they are meant to follow. It is not always so simple, for example to decide what we keep and what […]

Meditations New Art- Summer 2011

Here is the latest video of the composite of my most recent digital art pieces. This is my new passion. I just love  creating and expressing healing arts in all its dimensions. I get inspired from my meditations and after working on patients.  I wish you Peace. Enjoy!  

Cloe Couturier on Goggle

” The Cosmic Egg Fractal”- Dedicated to James Nemec.

While processing the passing and transition of my sweet and dearest friend, James Nemec, I heard the message: ” Cosmic Egg Fractal”. This digital art piece that my fingers were progressively shaping was starting to make sense. “Yes! James…I heard you. So, this cosmic egg and its cracking are the fractal”. I choose this excerpt […]

Meditations New Art – Summer 11.

Enjoy my latest video. This is a composite of my latest work and achievements. I wish you a relaxing summer full of wonders and sunshine.

The Ray of Discovery – Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla. a brilliant scientist, inventor, visionary. He wanted to share everything. He understood early on that Matter, Energy and Thoughts are in Oneness and that it was possible to alter that Oneness. As one tuned into these realms of great power, one could tune into these realms and enable humanity to participate and would […]

Conversation from our CST study group tonight

Here is a little sample of a conversation from our Upledger Craniosacral Study Group tonight. Click here to listen to it: 7_5_11 8_51 PM Please, join us on our group if you have not already done so: Be well!

Meditations New Art - Summer 11.

Meditations New Art – Summer 11.

Jesus said: “Whoever is near to me is near to the fire, and whoever is far from me is far from the kingdom”- St. Thomas

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