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Just received this awesome note and I am compelled to share it!:

“You should be proud and people should know the power of your work. Cloé, you helped my nephew more than you can know and possibly saved his life and I will be forever grateful.

He went to you for an intensive and came back a changed happy young man.

He had serious life traumas, parents divorced then he watched both die of cancer just two years apart with no siblings to go through it with, then spent a year in jail for defending himself from 6 guys attacking him.

All during the years most of us look back on with fondness for the carefree nature of them – our college years.

He had to leave college first year to care for his dying mom.

He now has a few businesses a beautifull girlfriend and is happy with life and physically healthy where before he was sick with everything that came by and was basically sitting around waiting for cancer to come for him.”

This is both empowering and humbling. I am so happy to read how well he is doing. It is so awesome to witness the benefits of the work over time and how people can make such significant changes in their lives.


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