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The Inner Physician Interface.


The practice of CranioSacral Therapy is  a life journey both as a giver and a receiver since it is all about facilitating self-healing processes at all levels of being. This facilitation itself promotes its cultivation, time after time, furthering the comprehension of its mechanisms both from the standpoint of both  receiver and giver. Facilitating self-healing is helping the person’s body to heal till completion, so that symptoms never come back. The person can move on with his or her own life without any residual activity nor need for further intervention nor drugs. It also means that the original cause or “primary lesion” as we refer to in Osteopathy, has been addressed,  solved, resolved and dissolved.

Little was known from this principles in the western model of Medicine until Dr. A.T. Still D.O, the founder of Osteopathy in the late 1800’s. His work and teachings are based on the precept that the body can self-heal . This was a major breakthrough form the reductionist  vliew of allopathic Medicine and the beginning of the merging between Eastern and Western Medicine. “Your patient is your teacher” says Dr. John Upledger D.O. and “you are so right Dr. John!”. As a practitioner, the more we practice CranioSacral therapy,  the more we facilitate self-corrective/ self-healing mechanisms, the faster the person’s body will reveal the core pieces since this work is all based on trust and repetition. The person’s “inner physician”(IP) as Dr. John coined it, will interface with the “outer physician”/ practitioner only if the relationship is abled and trusted. We are all familiar with the knowing feeling that we may have experienced from someone ‘s touch: “I trust and like your touch” or “stay away from me”. “Abled” is in the sense that the IP sees it’s own reflection and becomes aware of its own glitches which it will self-correct since it will work through the hands of the outer physician/ practitioner. Nobody, nothing can control this event. It is there or it is not and the practitioner may be going through loops to attempt to engage in the interface and might with sincere negotiation reach the surface of this relationship, with great deference and respect. If the IP does not trust the therapist, the person won’t come back for more. That is obvious. Over time and with experience, the practitioner progresses, acquiring skills and knowledge, patience and virtus, as well as a good handle on the relationship with their own Inner Physician.  This allows the interface with greater ease and will reveal the person’s “primary lesion” fast and clearly making the healing possible both as a giver and a receiver.


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