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After taking a few days off, I came back to work totally empty…wondering what my work was all about since I had not performed it for a while…I was rethinking it all…a bit lost and disoriented…

handsCopyWhat is my work?
Am I really doing anything?
Is it just my touch that is comforting the person?
Is there more to that?
Is all that I have learned any relevant to my work?

And then came my first session of the day back to work, it felt as if it was my very first one ever. I became very quiet and humble, I was led to go to her head. I delved deep so deep into the space of the interface of my client’s head into my hands…it was a level of humility I had not quite felt before.

I knew nothing, I was just in the interface with this person’s whole life in my hands and reverent that she would trust me enough to allow me in such a private space…and progressively my hands started moving and I observed what would enfold next.

They would move a little bit here and a little there and little by little, I would receive clear images of what I have in my hands at that moment…Thalamus! I could see it and feel its position in her brain as it was a bit too far back in her head and was creating an uneven feeling in the weight of her cranium with a sense of too much weight towards the back of her head.

How did I know that? my hands in relationship with her thalamus would show it to my mind…I could feel its weight in my hands, so clearly…then my hands knew what to do next…what wonder…they would place themselves in such a way that they would be able to access the falx cerebri, the vertical membrane system which divides the brain into right and left…my hands then started moving in this anterior-posterior axis to facilitate the motion of the brain…progressively, the rhythm of her cranium started to communicate with my hands more clearly…”oh! I thought, this is real, there is a rhythm that is communicating with my hands, it was not just taught to me in classroom back then eons ago”…I could feel it again, and I could feel it in a whole new way, it was using my hands to push against as if it would tell me, “here please, and then a bit more please”, and it would stop…and I would wait to the next “feel-command” from her body’s intelligence at work within my hands…and I would just stay totally present moment by moment in wonder with what was happening within my hands. Progressively, i could feel a shift in the weight of her cranium as her sphenoid started to engage more with my hands.

She had been in a car accident and had had a whiplash, which projected her head backwards against the headrest and had suffered issue with attention.

As we worked progressively, I just knew, I remembered that what I knew was coming from my hands and not anything else. Once I had my hands “on“, the process would enfold and I would be guided, directed, informed, on what to do next and how to do it and there was nothing else to know.

At the end of the session, my client with whom I had been working with for quite a while over the months said to me that her pain was gone and that it felt really different, she had been in an alpha brainwave state through the whole time and at one moment in the depth of our work I could hear a soft deep part muttering as in a deep whisper: ” yes, right there…”. She had no recollection of it afterwards.

It is good to take time off periodically and reset ourselves. This revelation was quite profound for me and has shifted me again to another level of my work.

I know nothing until I have my hands on you and we are in that space and then, I just know that my hands will know what to do as I allow my head to get out of the way.

The magic is truly in the interface between my hands and you and in that space all the training and experience I have acquired over 27 years+ of practicing hands-on therapy comes in “handy” in a way that keeps evolving to its finest, hands-on “health care”.

It keeps me more humble than ever and in total wonder of our human experience and the abilities that we have been gifted with…hands that are created to help someone heal their lives and lives that can heal when we give them the proper help…What a miracle that all is!

And what a blessing that I have stuck with it over the years and kept quieting these kinds of self-questioning from my mind and stayed in the process, following my hands and their wisdom. They keep amazing me!

Thank you for all of you who are trusting me with your lives and loved ones over the years. As I always say: “I can’t do it without you! ” It is the relationship that keeps growing us and I am forever grateful for it all.


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  • Patricia Weldon

    Just lovely! Thank you. Patricia