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I received this beautiful letter from someone I have had the great joy and privilege to work with over the last few months and I wish to share it with you. After she witnessed the work that her sister had done with me, she decided to come down to Florida from Ohio, rented a house down the street from the Upledger clinic, in order to work with me and we worked intensively 6 hours a week:

Dear Cloé,

I cannot thank you enough for these 3 months. You have given me tools to take home to keep myself healthy and to use in the work that I do for the patients I am privileged to serve.
Your hands are amazing and have such a calming, healing and restorative effect. The whole Craniosacral therapy/Medical Qigong process is indescribable and totally amazing. You are truly a master!
We have had our ups downs through the process, but the process going through is what is necessary to get to the end result. I am not there yet, but I am on my way. I look forward to returning as I am able to continue our work.

You have taught me:

– How to totally relax and to breathe life into my being.
– So much about my body and made me so much more aware of the miracle of God’s design.
– How to begin to share my emotions, feelings and thoughts. It has not been a comfortable journey as it was all very foreign to my stuff, the stuff and stuck it up mentality that is now behind me.
– To trust, not just you, but my own feelings and emotions.
– To own it all and embrace my thoughts, feelings, and emotions as well as my body. Letting my guard down is still a work in progress, but I am internalizing the difference between protection and being guarded.

For the first time, in I do not know how many years, I do not have a stiff and sore neck causing an almost constant headache. You are a miracle worker!

I feel taller and straighter and my abdomen feels more open and uncluttered with nothing but the organs that should be there functioning properly. All the junk is gone. All the way up through my chest is wider and straighter and more open. The heaviness is gone. My head has expanded and the fluids feel as though they flow as they should. I finally feel as though the left side of my head has expanded and the left brain is working better.

I feel healthier and younger that I have in years. Thank you does not begin to express my appreciation for all that you have done for me.

May God continue to bless you, your hands and your work!
In eternal gratitude with a big hug,

Blessings, M.C.


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