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From a session, just yesterday: 


My new client, a very friendly woman in her early fifties introduces herself to me and the reason of her visit and says:

“I am here for a tune-up. It is my first time receiving a #craniosacral session and I understand after observing my friend receiving her session that by feeling my #cranial_rhythm you can identify my issues. I would like you to tell me what you find”.

She did not write anything on her chart. We agree, after explaining to her that usually, I will treat what I find without naming anything at the beginning as things will change by the end of the session. So like a hands-scan, I start listening to, seeing and feeling her cranial rhythm at each station, which are the main criss-crossing sections of the body and within just a few minutes I followed-up upon her request with 3 questions:

I asked her first:

“Do you have digestive issues, like reflux?”

She answered:

“Yes, that is one of my big issues, the gastroenterologist wants to put me on meds, but I would prefer healing naturally.

I then asked her:

“How is your left hip feeling?”

She answered:

“It is killing me right now actually and that is the second main issue which brought me here to see you.

Thirdly, I asked her if she had had issues with delivery, not knowing if she had any children and she answered that she had been put out when her daughter was about to be born and they had to pull her daughter out and that afterwards they had to reposition her bladder because she had major issues with it and it has never been the same ever since.

This whole process took me 4 to 6 minutes.

She then said:

“I am really impressed, you found all my issues in such a short time and even something 30+ years old!!”.

She then became really quiet as I continued to work with her and the session enfolded as she worked with me from a place of deep trust and her body engaged beautifully with the work. At the end of her session, her hip was no longer hurting and her respiratory diaphragm had dropped considerably which allowed her breath to relax, rebalancing the visceral pressures between her thorax and her abdomen. She felt very relaxed with a sense of wellness regained, she noticed how she was standing in a more balanced way. We agreed that she would benefit from a couple of more session to help her further with the healing of the digestive issue. 

As I am writing this story, I remember when Dr. #John_E _Upledger invited me to work with him on November 1995 at his clinic, the #Upledger_clinic. He had asked me a similar question.

He said to me:

“Cloe, before you can work with me and be a part of my team, I want you to work on me first and find out where my issues are”.

I had recently graduated from the British College of Osteopathy and Alternative Therapeutics in Paris, France and just taken his third level class that he was teaching himself back then, #Somato_Emotional_Release 1. This is when I  met him for the first time.  

So we arranged a session when I would come to treat him. Things moved very fast with him, and just a few days later, here I am with this amazing master, in his own treatment room and I proceed to work with him. Do you believe that I may have been shaking “a little” back then, some 20+ years ago? When we were done, I told him my findings and he said to me:

“Welcome to my team Cloe! You found all my spots and your work felt really good. You are right on.”

When I came back home, I remembered humbly kneeling and praising The Heavens as I knew that my life had changed forever. I then moved my family from Fort-Lauderdale to Palm Beach County to start working with this amazing man who would become my greatest teacher and I started my practice at the Upledger clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in 1996 where I have been practicing ever since. 

This work is truly amazing as it grants us the ability to tune in to the larger picture of each person we treat, while engaging with the local tissues at work within our hands and the rest enfolds naturally as we work with the #self-healing, #self_corrective inherent forces at work within the body’s intelligence.

Working with Dr. John E. Upledger side-by-side for all these years next to him deepened and sharpened greatly my ability to tune in to the person I work with and to zoom my focus to what we refer as the “primary lesions” really fast, therefore having the greatest impact on the person as a whole. And then, to trust my skilled hands to facilitate the person’s own abilities towards  resolution. 

This was one of Dr. Upledger greatest gifts, he could in a few minutes scan and zoom to the deepest core issue of the person he was working with and focus his touch at such a deep soul level that the person would litteraly melt into his hands.

As close students of his, we would be on guard around him, as we all knew that he could easily challenge us at any instant. He kept his core students vigilant and aware as to always push us to the limits. He was an amazing exceptional teacher, he was very tough with us, and also very loving, grateful and generous. He gave the best and expected the best.  He taught us so well! Forever grateful to you, Dr. #John_Upledger.


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