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The counter-swing is a great Qigong moving meditation for your whole body.
Especially for the golfers who always seem to be swinging in only one direction, thus addressing only one direction of motion. The repeated motion is what makes a good golfer if the form is good; Yet repeated motion can also create back and joint problems over time if the motion is off balance.

Here, the whole spine rotates in symmetry, therefore addressing, the motion of the whole body longitudinally stretching the spaces between the vertebrae and freeing up the disks and the nerves at their roots. This also enhances the flow of cerebrospinal fluid up from the cranium and the brain all the way down to the sacrum and back-up again.

When the motion is relaxed, fluid and symmetric, the whole body moves gracefully and the spaces between the joints are also stretched and activated in a gentle rhythmical motion, which then attunes to the inherent cerebrospinal fluid rhythm.
The energy of the body is then free to circulate and every part of the body, every organ, every tissue, every cell, receives proper nutrition and conduction. This activates the flow and the quality of communication of the information within between the central processes, all the way to the external receptors.

So, go ahead and enjoy counter-swinging –{at your own risks}-
Please, be careful!- If you are working too hard at it, you are not doing it properly.
This is a very gentle, fluid and soft motion. With repetition you obtain the freedom of motion.
Repeat for 9 cycles- Each cycle = right + left.
Check with your healthcare practitioner if you have any concern about doing it on your own because of pain, back issues or health issues.

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  • Lcsartori

    No picture of the counter swing.  Can you explain it?