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Yes!, it has been an intense year, oh so intense and yet, isn’t each year intense if we accept that it will be? The intensity is what breeds life and good Qi in challenging us into moving into new spaces and dimensions. Challenges are necessary as change is inevitable.

Here is my traditional end of the year video-card with some of my favorite and most meaningful pictures of the year 2015.

– The blessings are in the waves of the ocean on the beach. It is such a privilege to be able to have access to this natural beauty of our mother nature, which is so well preserved here in our magnificent South East Florida. I love capturing its beauty and sharing it.

– Our mother passed peacefully in her sleep and I had the great privilege to help her go, she would have turned 90 and she had a very good life.

– A great synchrony of this year was my trip to New York City in October 2015 with my very dear friend Pierrette. We went to see the New World Trade Center Towers all the way to the top of Tower #1 Observatory and we got to experience and feel the new healed energy of this powerful vortex. It now feels safe and solid, the tower is massive and magnificent. The energy is intense, powerful and amazing, I took tons of pictures and included some in my video towards the end.

Yes, we are in a symphony of synchronies and synchronicities on this Epiphany day 2016, the end of cycles and landmarks and the beginning of new ones, new chapters and what is next?

– I celebrated my 20th year anniversary, an important landmark when Dr. John “picked me” to join him and work at the Upledger Clinic and where I am still practicing.

– I completed my doctorate in medical Qigong, a 7-year process and this helps bring awareness to the value and the quality of the medicine I practice. So now you need to call me Dr. Cloé!

– The emergence of craniosacralqigong is very exciting!! It is a lot of work, but also a lot of satisfaction in the making, a process which won’t quit and keeps evolving right in the same space where our teacher Dr. John Upledger practiced.

– My thesis is in the process to be transformed into a book.

– I keep a very busy and magical practice with incredible people who become also students of this process which makes it even more exciting.

– I have the great privilege to treat the three generations of many families over two decades with people who have been coming to the Upledger Clinic since the beginning and some were treated by Dr. John Upledger. It is wonderful to witness the amazing blooming of the people who have come to discover craniosacral therapy and keep receiving it regularly and to see how well they are all doing in their lives and with their health and how they stay healthy and youthful with the seasons and the years and then the next generation comes to receive the work with us. The Upledger Clinic is 30 years old!

– I also have had the great honor to be trusted by some people who have done multiple hours of work with me knowing they would get well and they did!

Together we overcame situations and conditions which were very grave and very challenging and some had even been diagnosed as incurable and with trust and persistence, you healed and became well and aware and performant in your own healing process and we all learned so much in this process.

So you see, your successes are what drives me, I really love working with you and I really love the practice of craniosacralqigong and how it is clearly shifting you and in your lives in many blooming and fruition. It is such an honor and a privilege to work with everybody and with so many members of the same family. So what is next, is to continue to practice of course, but also figuring out the way to share it with the younger generation and transmit it as it was transmitted to me in an effort to evolve the process.

As we celebrate moving into the New Year, I wish you a magical year, I wish you love, I pray that you may enjoy ease in good health, great wealth, boundless joy, great teachings and unquantifiable peace.

Happy New Year 2016!!

With Love and Light,

Dr. Cloé and her family.


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