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A couple of days ago, we received an in-house email from the Upledger clinic: “tables for grab,” as I opened the email, I immediately recognized our old clinic tables that used to be in the treatment rooms. We now go back a few years, yes decades!. They were 5 of them and they were numbered, the first one was Dr. John Upledger’s.

“OMG,” I thought to myself, realizing that the newer people in charge did not know about the history of this table and even if they did, that they would not appreciate as we, the old timer would!

“Am I dreaming?” are they giving away Dr. John’s table, the master’s table? Could this be one of the greatest gifts I am about to receive?

I quickly answered to ask for it and shortly after, it became mine officially. I brought it home today, and I am feeling its energy here with me now. I am in awe.

All these fantastic memories are coming to my consciousness. I remember him in action and his glowing presence and how it felt to be next to Dr. John Upledger, working multiple hands-on with him and many others, the space he held, the precision he imparted, the healing current we could feel and how he transmitted to us as well as to the person on the table, his gift, his knowledge, his generosity, his soft voice and his firmness, his brilliance, his accuracy and his beauty. How magical was he!

I remember the feel of being on this table while he was working on me, all the way to the very last session we did, working on him, being next to him, in his light, feeling his hands, watching his very moves and each moment, I look back at the chronology and the numbers are in synch.

On 11/1995, Dr. John invited me to join him at the Upledger clinic
On 11/2011, I moved into Dr. John’s treatment room where I am still practicing.
On 11/2017, I get to take Dr. John’s table to my home.

Immediately, I called my kids to let them know the great news and share my joy with them!

I am thrilled! I believe this was on this very same table that Dr. John worked on Dorian, my son, when he invited me to join the clinic, and that was 22 years ago exactly this month. November will always be a very particular month in my life!!

November 29th, 2017


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