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Meditations New Art – 11-11-11

Please, enjoy my latest favorite compositions from these last few weeks, in a meditative continuum-

11-11 is a mysterious portal between dimensions where the ups and the downs get to find the clarity in directions they are meant to follow. It is not always so simple, for example to decide what we keep and what we let go of and where  and how we keep what we keep and where and how we let go of what we let go of.

11-11-11 is a clearing in so many dimensions where portals got to be reorganized, rerouted and reprogrammed. We are only starting to feel the power of it as our life force seems to be more activated, nourished and promoted.

I trust you enjoy the flow of my art and feel free to leave me a comment on how you feel when you watch it, as it always feeds-me back to promote more and better ones all the time.




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  • Lcsartori

    Yes, this would be good in a coffee table book.  That means I want to look at these creations more, longer.  They attract my eyes.