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” The Cosmic Egg Fractal”- Dedicated to James Nemec.

While processing the passing and transition of my sweet and dearest friend, James Nemec, I heard the message: ” Cosmic Egg Fractal”. This digital art piece that my fingers were progressively shaping was starting to make sense. “Yes! James…I heard you. So, this cosmic egg and its cracking are the fractal”.

I choose this excerpt from “The Crack In the Cosmic Egg”, by Joseph Chilton Pearce to illustrate my “Cosmic Egg Fractal” digital art piece and I dedicate it to you, my eternal friend, James. May you blossom in your new cosmic journey.

“There is a relationship between what we think is out there in the world and what we experience as being out there. There is a way in which the energy of thought and the energy of matter modify each other and interrelate. A kind of rough mirroring takes place between our mind and our reality. We cannot stand outside this mirroring process and examine it, though, for we are the process, to an unknowable extent. Any technique we might use to ‘look objectively’ at our reality becomes a part of the event in question. We are an indeterminately large part of the function that shapes the reality from which we do our looking. Our looking enters as one of the determinants on the reality event that we see.

This mirroring between mind and reality can be analyzed and more actively directed, if we can suspend some of our ordinary assumptions. For instance, the procedure of mirroring must be considered the only fixed element, while the products of the procedure remain relative. William Blake claimed that perception was the universal, the perceived object the particular. What is discovered by man is never the “universal” of cosmic “truth.” Rather, the process by which the mind brings about a “discovery” is itself the “universal.”


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