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The Ray of Discovery – Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla. a brilliant scientist, inventor, visionary.
He wanted to share everything. He understood early on that Matter, Energy and Thoughts are in Oneness and that it was possible to alter that Oneness. As one tuned into these realms of great power, one could tune into these realms and enable humanity to participate and would allow direct transmission of energy. Making possible communication between far more possibilities than to transmit inert data.
Tesla ethereal physics, managed working beyond the ether itself to transmit intelligence directly.

In “The Ray of Discovery”, you will discover how this visionary genius had already discovered and tapped into tools that are shifting the consciousness of our humanity.
His inner convictions of space, matter and thought itself, took him to envision a world beyond his time.

The luminous ether and his faith was his special quest out of which emerge new phenomenas. Tele-force was not an energy form like light but beyond electricity.
“There is a power ancient and forever new”. He shared a new glimpse of possibilities. The world of materialism of the time would deny his view, specially the world of power, described and categorized by mathematics and calculations, created by a ruling class based on money and skepticism and driven by control and the desire to maintain the transmission of doctrines.
“We have been kept 1000 years behind by a despotic view”.

Tesla was dedicated to help the world in all dimensions. He found the heart-pulse of the earth. He discovered that a third element of energy was coming into his machineries, “the greater manifestation of a greater power”. “The earth is a reservoir of energy. These energies come at intervals with great intensities and are related to thoughts processes. These effects are measured on the human body as reflexes and alteration of perception.”

Nikola Tesla is a great contributor to the world of Energy and specifically, the world of Qigong practitioners. He was one of the first scientists to prove and utilize what the Eastern philosophies have been working with for thousands of years, Qi or Chi. It is understandable that he could have been looked at dangerous and scary for by the leaders of the time, but today, with all the science and the research behind Qigong, the practice and cultivation of Energy,it is looked as evidence.

This movie is a bit lengthly, (over 90 minutes), so you want to make time for it. It is all worth the time invested, really fascinating and informing. I hope you will enjoy it as I did.


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  • Ckjones0617


    My primary mentor is Nikola Tesla. I have a number of his notes that I have obtained from the Federal archives. Most of my bio-current science is developed around Tesla.
    Tesla pointed out that the first complete day of the Universe has not completed, so, time to us is relative just to earth, and that we really live in the moment in a pulse originated from the beginning–we are at will to travel from one pulse plane to another–the understanding of life after death is that there is no non-existence as Tesla demonstrated many times. It is about conscious thought on many levels.

    I have found his sister and her offspring that are of the same eminence-they are also well grounded.

    Anyway, I could talk about Tesla for hours