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“Before seeing you, I constantly felt “foggy” and now I have more oxygen in my brain with clear thinking. I have a better sense of my environment with greater awareness, my memory is better and my neck feels better.” J. D. 12, 2017

“You are incredibly brilliant yet compassionate and understanding at the same time. My deepest layers get exposed yet I feel completely comfortable with you. Thank you for having the patience to unravel + reprogram my body with me and helping me create the life I was destined for. Our work is exciting. I look forward to learning + feeling the changes each time we are together. Thank you for being there for me when no one was able to be”  C.G. DPT 12, 2017

“Thank you for being the compassionate leader you are, it is truly a gift” D.R. 12, 2017


“Wow!! that’s amazing the shift that I feel in my cranium, I never felt anything quite like this before” D.R. 11, 2017


“Mom, you need to do more work with Cloe.”

“Should I see a psychotherapist or work with Cloe”

“Mom, Cloe is 100 times better than psychotherapy!”

L.O. and I.O. 11, 2017


“My wife and I were wondering who I should come and see for my knee and elbow issue, the doctor, the physical therapist or you and we both agreed that it was you that I should see. So here I am!!” S.N. 11, 2017


“I feel a gazillion times better when I do this work with you regularly as supposed to when I don’t do it for six months. I don’t have the edge, and I miss it. I feel hunched over and tight.” B.K. 11, 2017


“I have been receiving #craniosacral therapy for 18 years. I know when it is time to come to see you!. My doctor is blown away on my health and wellness status and physical performances.” A.G. 11, 2017  (She is type II diabetic and a tennis champion and pro.)


“There is the doctor’s report
 There is God’s Report and
 There is Cloe’s report”

L.M. 11, 2017


“I have been looking for practitioners in Long Island to help me with my back since I saw you last and I have not found any that does the work that you do, and I could not wait to come back to Florida to see you. I even tried one of the osteopathic professors from the university osteopathic medical schools new york, NYIT.” C.S. 11, 2017


“You are famous in Miami, I was advised to come and work with you by many different people”. C.T travels around the world and loves being treated by French Osteopaths. She has had vertigo and drove all the way from Miami, the capital of The America to work with me! We had an amazing session. 11, 2017


“I thanked God on my way to see you for guiding you to do the work that you do.” C.A. 10, 2017


“I have done a lot of work with many great therapists over the years, but I never felt the level of work that I get with you. Thank you!”. From  a Barral trained PT. M.E. 10, 2017


“You opened-up my head and you opened-up my mind at the same time.”

Then she added:
“I learned so much from you about my healing and I feel so empowered.” H.U.  9, 2017


“I am quitting my job, I got an offer as vice president of this other company with almost double the income, they want me and they actually created a job for me, they want me to train their people”. She is in her late 30’s. “I coudn’ t have done this without you” she said to me,” I know that it is the work that we have done together that has enabled me to get the clarity I needed to move forward”.  E. C.  7, 2017


“Since my last session with you, my life has taken a major turn and things have changed so fast like never before. I feel more assertive and confident in my relationsips and in my work. The company I work with downsized and had to let go of 30 people. The colleague who was giving me a hard time was one of them. Well, I get to stay and I got a raise!!” H.S.  7, 2017


“You are better than Dr. Dick McDonald!!”said my client today.
(Dr. Mc Donald D.O. was a fine osteopath, a friend and a colleague of Dr. John E Upledger D.O. they liked to play card together. He worked with Dr. John for many years at the #Upledger_clinic and that is when my client saw him. She has been receiving CST for close to 30 years after a traumatic head injury she sustained after being assaulted while she was jogging. She then found me and has been working with me for many years.) A.C.  7, 2017


Sharing this amazing feeling of awe when my 78 year-old client walked normally to the treatment room for her 4th session with me. When I first started seeing her, she came on a walker and then moved to a cane by her second session.  She said: “My friend is coming to see you”. S.B. 7, 2017


“I can’t express how grateful I am to have seen you today, Cloe. The floodgates opened wide. I get teary just thinking about our session. My thanks to you for your expertise and calm and I look forward to seeing you the week after the next. You are a healer. I am so very grateful Cloe.” N. N.  7, 2017


“I am not the same person that I was when I came in” T.P.  6, 2017


 “That’s the best session I ever had!” said this 14 year old.
He has received regular craniosacral therapy all his life. His Mom toot my horn! Just saying D.P. 6,  2017


From a very advanced practitioner who came specially to work with me from out of state:

“I feel met”
“Your hands on me feel like an octopus, it is as if each finger has its own intelligence. It is amazing how you can hold me with such a precision and yet it feels like you are not doing anything.”

I responded that “I live by these feed-backs. They are my rewards.”
For that in that interface, I know that I am just where I am supposed to be. S. D. 6, 2017


L. shared: “I feel more like myself, I feel vulnerable. What is this feeling?” She asked her self as she did not know who she really was…she continued: “my connects so much better, I feel so different and all connected. I am like a whole different person”   5, 2017


“My baby breathing issue is completely gone after his session with you”. His Mom had taken him twice to the hospital as he had severe breathing issues and had been prescribed heavy medications, steroids, inhalers and antibiotics. He will turn 1 in just a few days and is completely off medication. His Mom said to me that he doesn’t need any of it after his session and that it is “not even a thought”. J. G. 5, 2017


“It feels so great and safe to come to a place were you are not judged.” From my 12 year old client. A. S. 5, 2017


“Sometimes in life, some special people come around and make a difference. You are one of those bright lights! You are so special, talented and gifted and I am so grateful to share your energy…to heal and to learn from. I feel very blessed to be working with you and know you will help me and my body to heal. Thank you for sharing your healing gift with me.” L. F. 5, 2017


“Thank you for your great care of me this past months! You are gifted at what you do and I appreciate all what I have learned from you.” M. K. 5, 2017


“It feels as if everything is coming together with this work and it keep building after I leave. When before it felt that something good had happen during the session but 2 or 3 days later I was back to where I started. With your work Cloe, I keep building to the next level, I really like it.” L. F.  4, 2017


“After just 2 session with you, I feel so much better. I have received a lot of body work over the years. I never felt what I am feeling with you, it is so powerful! It is as strong as if I would be taking medicine and I am not, it is how my organs are responding to the medicine you are imparting with and to my tissues, just from your hands. That is amazing how you can do that.” L. F. 4, 2017


” I have done many healing work over the years, it is with this work with you that I get the greatest results. And it keeps evolving in time for months after a series of sessions. I feel great. I have great energy and my neck feels so youthful and comfortable, even my hair is getting softer and stronger.”     A. B. 4, 2017 (Christian Minister)


“Cloe,  you are so gentle, precise and powerful at the same time.”  L. O.  4, 2017


“Working with you feels like virtual reality. I like how we can travel in different time and space zones during the therapy. If I had not read the books from Dr. Upledger DO, I would think this was crazy.”  C. H. DPT  4, 2017


“Today I noticed a gradual relaxing in my right hand : my wings spread in my right hand from thumb tip to baby fingertip is almost 95% I would say of my left hand. It feels like the small bones in my wrist are moving in a very subtle way and I seem to have more strength in my right hand.” D. L.  

She had lost the usage of her right hand and was told she would never regain it.  4, 2017


“This is getting right into the issue! I am understanding more why this all works. I am learning how to breathe deep. You have the true  feeling of mastership, I never experienced this before with anybody else. When I am working with you, I have no fear and no worries, I just feel safe.” E.F.  4, 2017


“I am grateful I have you in my life and I appreciate you! Thank you for helping me feel stronger.”  L.M.  4, 2017


“Even my elderly father, who remembers you when you helped me 6 years ago said to me, “If any one can help you, it’s Cloe”, encouraging me to come back to work with you to deal with this current flare-up…”  K.W.  3, 2017


“What I really like about this therapy with you is that it encompasses the mental and the spiritual together with the physical aspect.” S.G.  3, 2017


“My hip feel significantly better. I feel we got to a very deep point of healing in that area in our session today.” D. L.  3, 2017


“My hair are growing longer and stronger, my hairdresser has noticed it also. My skin is healthier, I feel I have better collagen and a better natural glow. My eyes have normalized and I am no longer growing this cataract layers over my eyes. I do not need to spend a half day of my busy schedule to drive to Miami to the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute any more. They used to make me an eye serum with my own plasma and I had to use these drops regularly. I do not need nor use these drops anymore. My eyes and my vision have healed and corrected. Our work and working the telomeres is really helping.” Dr. D. 3, 2017


“Awareness overrides fear. It is so simple and yet, it is so profound.”  A.G.  2, 2017


“My little sister swears about you and I have witnessed the changes that have been happening with her. She had been complaining of severe headaches forever and now she does not have them anymore it is quite amazing and she is like a different person!” D.W. 2, 2017


“This is the best work I ever received, ever. This is far better than Jungian analysis. I am coming back next year to work with you for 3 months. Thank you, I am so grateful to you for the work you have been doing with me.” From a Jungian analyst, Dr. J. B.  2, 2017


“The miracle of pain relief! My sweet and funny girl is back! Thank you!” C.J.  2, 2017


“I want to be like you. I want to be that practitioner people come to see to receive work, from all over the world.” C.H., P.T.  1, 2017


” Cloe, I would like to introduce you to our congregation as you can help so many people, so please, bring your business cards when you come. What I like about this work is that it is the laying on of hands and it is biblically sound.” Pastor A.B.  1, 2017


“I love this therapy, I build on it every time. ” C.G


“Cloe, every time your hands are on my head, I feel trust and comfort. ” M.C.


“So now there is ‪#‎Craniosacral therapy‬ before and after Cloe “. #CST is not quite the same experience after working with you!”  T.E


“Cloe – You have amazing hands!” M.K


“Thank you for helping me get put back together mentally and physically. I’m eternally thankful!” A.C


“Cloe – You unlock things like nobody else” A.B.


“I did not realize that a liver could heal so fast, I thought it would take months, or even years, it is amazing how well it works now, I am done dealing with all these viruses and having to detox all the time, my liver is a lot happier! My skin and my hair are also feeling normal again and I get to recognize myself when I look in the mirror” A.D


“Your touch sets me free.”  J.T


“How will I know the line between how I can help or if I am enabling? There won’t be a line, I will know. From our last session, this stayed with me. Thank you, Cloé.”  A.G


“These deep stretches we did with my hips felt like years waiting for.”  C.C


“From the sessions – the changes in my son (8 years old) were immediate and quite spectacular after his session with you! He is feeling all better and is back to school- A clear turn-around in his health and vitality” B.P.


“It feels like you are inside my body, inside my bones and my shoulders and that you are massaging my muscles, tendons and ligaments and they are relaxing, it feels really weird. You get inside places that have been tight and I was feeling it but I was unaware on how I could relax them and now I can as you are working with me, that is amazing, your touch is amazing I have never felt anything like this before!” M.T.


“Wow this has not happened in years I have not had a headache in 17 days. You are a miracle worker, thank you for all you do Cloe.” F.D.


“2 months later of not being able to sleep after being hurt by a poor chiropractic treatment/adjustment, finally last night I have had a good night sleep and I feel that I am coming back to a sense of normal life again after our last session … People around me have noticed it as well, I am so grateful I found you and for the quality of the skills that you have… I even had a dream and I had not remembered dreaming for a long time even when I was sleeping correctly…. In my dream I was telling your assistant that I need to schedule more sessions with you, even after my symptoms are gone to work on deeper issues that can be addressed with you…. My non-conscious knows that in some levels obviously!” C.A.


“I had been struggling with depression for years and have received regular psychotherapy, but since my last session with you , I feel that the depression has lifted off my body for the first time. You have helped me rekindle with very young parts of myself and I have a sense of being whole again. I feel happy again. Thank you. You are the best!” S.C.


From the sessions – “From last week to this week, it is like a miracle. I have regained an ease that I had lost since I was 11 years old after the accident where I was hit on the head. I never was quite the same afterwards until the work we did last, it feels like my head has regained a sense of stability and balance on my neck I did not remember feeling.” D.S.


“Please, let Cloé know that my brain felt that it got bigger and that it is a lot freer after our last session, it is floating instead of feeling stuck in my skull”. From my assistant yesterday afternoon after working with a “shrink.” D.E.


” I felt better one hour after my session with you.” This wise 7 year-old boy had been ill for 3 months and he had been seen by multiple healthcare practitioners and had been on several medications that had not helped him.” T.S


“My kids have been receiving craniosacral therapy for many years, I have never seen the level of response they received in their session with you.” E.P.


” I have been receiving chiropractic for 15 years, but I never experienced the quality and the results I got with your work in just 5 sessions. You helped me fix my digestive issues in our first hour.” C.D.


“I had a hard time reading and now I can read and I can read fast! It is great…. It is because of the therapy I received here with Cloe ” – from S. S. 9 years old


“Since I saw you last, I have not been biting my nails and my back is all better” a great report from a 5 year old I treated. It took 30 minutes!



The last time you treated me with cranial-sacral therapy, towards the end of the session I felt as if I were floating.  Then I felt your hands enter my body, massaging the tubes in me that carried life and health.  Your hands would massage a part of my health source thereby activating that part that had been blocked.  My health source would then be activated and would join with your healing hands as if becoming one.  I can only describe the feeling like when a surgeon performing heart surgery and the heart stops beating.  The surgeon would take his hands and gently massage the heart and the heart would come alive.

In other words, you as the outer physician would connect with my inner physician and life and healing sprung forth.  Thank you for your unique therapy as I feel like I hit a new plateau in my life and quality of life.” N.S.



“Cloe is the rare combination of practitioner that does not get stuck in tradition, when what’s needed is a caring, compassionate yet” right- to the point” solution to an issue. She is not only a true master in her field she is effective. She gets results for her patients and her students” L.S.  


“Dear Cloe,

Yes, I feel much better after a series of treatments with you.

I feel more organized in my cellular structure.  I am more joyous.  I am lighter.  I want to share my Light with the world rather than contribute to the darkness.

I said you are a gift.  You are gifted, but you are also very learned.  I can feel how much you have studied.  My body and mind trust your hands and your intention.  It is a wonderful feeling for me to have.  That is your gift to me

You heard that one, I suppose, that is this:

“Today is a gift; that’s why the call it “the present”. “And my head IS rounder, less flat.  Fantastic!  Unexpected
Thank you” K.S.



“I don’t have time to be messing with a good thing, I don’t want to work with anybody else. Only you Cloé!. E.B. “


“I don’t know what you have done to me, but the headaches have disappeared, I am afraid to say this because after 4 years of suffering from it I still can’t believe it” D.D

“Knowing that your hands are so sensitive is a wonderful challenge to me, because I know that I can go as deep as I can possibly tour and your hands will follow me and be with me.” M.H.


“As my posture aligns itself progressively and effortlessly through our work, I notice more and more how my peers are slouching and bending forward noticeably.” D.L.


“Before, I was not able to really concentrate, I was not able to pick out the words, I was just not talking, period! I had turned off my phone, I was not even talking to people. I was not able to speak. After you worked on me,  I was able to have a conversation with my grand-mother and she was able to understand me. Where before, she was NOT able to understand me, the words were not coming to me as they are now. Thank you Cloé.” S.G.


“You cured me of TMJ in one session after 2 dentists said I needed surgery.” A.B.


“The Lord takes me to you Cloé, He takes me to come to work with you. I don’t know what you have done, but wow the pain is gone in my chest, the weakness is gone! I don’t feel like I need to cough anymore, the weakness is gone! Thank you Cloé.” C.N.


“Thank you for helping me go through the tunnel of my cancer treatment, chemo and radiation. Our work has made all the difference and I have been talking about many other people going through similar about the visualizations I have learned with you.” L.V.


“My mysterious illness is disappearing as slowly as it came. I feel that I have achieved everything that I came for and that brought me to you. Thank you Cloé. I feel such a difference in my life. As a physical therapist I understood why when I treat my patients with manual therapy, I would be exhausted afterwards and I understand that all my energy was going into my patients and I learned to find my own energy again.” S.E.


“smarter…younger…smarter…younger….smarter…younger…” from my client today, this is how she is feeling and why she keeps working with me…She also measures it with brain tests and how people mention that she looks so much younger…naturally that is!. Mostly, she feels it as she heals and is doing amazing work. C.A.


“Your hands on me take me in a deep state of relaxation, just like being on mushrooms, without any of the bad trip, the side-effects, anxiety, overload and loss of control, but with all the benefits.” C.S.



“Thank you for the great work, after working our last session, my thinking and my emotions are more cohesive.” E.W.


“I am all better. Full range of motion, no pain. You’re the best.You rock!” A.B.


“You changed my daughter’s life and now, she wants to become a craniosacral therapist…like you!” N.N.


“It felt like my brain got unseized and that it was more floating in my head rather than stuck and it was just relaxed. Thank you Cloé” T.J.



“When I was 13, my father who I loved dearly died suddenly at 39. I went to a deep depression and I did not want to live. When my husband died, it felt just like back then and I didn’t want to live, I wanted to die. Today, we worked it out and we went to the 13 year old child who loved her father and I was able to release the energy, and know that my father loved me and that he did not mean to die. I rejoice in the fact that we are sill connected. I have my heart now and I am grateful. And then I realized that all that i have and makes who I am, like being studious, being productive, came from my father, he was my role model.  I am so grateful. I can now hold him in my heart with joy and go on living because I have him in Spirit now and I choose to live with joy and go on living. I am truly grateful for this session, I am truly grateful. Thank you Cloé” S.S.



“I am feeling a lot more relaxed and open and I can smile and talk more easily. Because before my jaw was so tight it was difficult, it was taxing my energy to smile , it would not come easily because it  was so locked. I feel so more relaxed now and the pain is completely gone.” A.B.



“Before our session, I felt so upheaval and so insecure almost cookoo, anxious, I could not make my decisions, after the session, it centered me and brought me back together and it really changed me, it really really changed me. Thank you Cloé.” M.A



“Cloé, you have such a gentle, soft energy and you are so powerful at the same time.” M.P.



“Since working with you Cloé, I have not have the need to research any more work or practitioner, because I don’t need to. you are it!. My ankle was so swollen when I came in, I could not put any weight on it but I walked out weight bearing normally and the swelling was gone and I kept playing tennis and nobody believed this was possible at the club. Thank you Cloé.” B.A.



“I could not realize that this could happen! Something was holding so strong in my leg and I could not lift it, I tried and tried. I could not do much with it and now after my session with you my leg can move now, easier and up higher and it is working fine, it is amazing…thank you so much Cloé, Wow!” E.F.



“Before I didn’t want to live but now I want to live. Now I am aware of my breathing, I am aware of it all the time. I do all my sport and taiji and my attitude changed and the feeling is sustained and I feel excited about life. It is such an amazing thing to sleep 9 hours instead of 3 or 4 hours. I look forward to getting back in helping people and moving again like I was. Probably race walking and belly dancing and more tennis, I want to live. Stamp of approval Cloé! Thank you so much.” L.K.



“I feel incredible, I feel so relaxed, I tell everyone about you, Cloé and it is just amazing, I feel this release all over me. I never felt anything like this!” J.S.



“I am feeling good, when I came in I was feeling sluggish and lethargic, I would go back to bed during the day 3 or 4 times for a couple of hours. After you worked on me, my energy went to the roof, I was up to midnight! Still did not want to go to bed, but I did. THe next day, I went to a healing fair a couple days after that and this woman was doing an electromagnetic testing on meridian points and when I sat down, she said :” your energy is so beautiful!” and she tested my energy, it was off the chart! And then I saw a shaman who said that my energy was “so smooth”. I still have the same energy and I feel good. Thank you Cloé.” S.S.



“After my treatment last time with you I was so much better, we had worked on my eyes and the focus. It felt like they had been infused with oxygen,  I saw so clearly, and my eyes were not strained and not struggling with the muscles. I felt like I should come to see you everyday!” P.R.



“My inner confusion lifted as a result of “ the work” which was facilitated by Cloe’ during my recent sessions with her . The resulting clarity has allowed me to experience Joy in my life experience.” D.R.


“Thank you Cloe For making me feel so welcome. For all your therapy which made me so well. For all the nurturing of my soul. That I might have wellness coming from within.” R.S.Carol


My dear Cloe

“Thank you! all treatment were powerful, spectacular and loving. You are a great therapist!” F.B.



“Hi Cloe,

I’ve arrived home…. It’s good to be home, but–
I have to say, the things you taught me about QiGong are amazing. When I felt myself tiring on the way up, I’d start to do some “power breathing.” I forget what you really called it, but it amounts to breathing out forcefully, three times in succession, before breathing in. It absolutely brought me back to life, clearing my vision and making me feel much more alert. I still stopped every 2 hours or so to walk around and give Flo a break, but this really helped the stagnation of sitting for a long period of time. Of course, it was a good thing that I was not in a crowd of people. I don’t think I can do this on an airplane.
I’m doing your QiGong routine in the mornings and it makes a huge difference. The “plugging in” has a wonderful effect.

Thank you sooo much for everything. I hope you’ll let me know when you schedule your workshops, etc. I’m already looking forward to attending.” J. L.


“He is so zen and so much taller, he is like a different person!” said this 13 year old about her 11 year old friend K. Later K. shared with me: “I was able to ride my horse without any allergy and I was able to be stable on my surfboard after our session. I feel so much more self-confident! I feel happy.” G.E.


“Hello Chloe,

Thank you for this miracle, for being out of pain for the first time since April 10th; for not having to wear those sticky lidocaine patches since the day before I saw you and for the peace you have brought to my body (and as much peace as is possible during this time of family crisis).

Anyway, thank you again for helping me to make the pain go away and renew my Spirit.” A.Z.


“It’s a miracle… Wow I feel normal!!!!” C.D.


“Cloe,  thanks very much for so very much meaning and energy and harmony!  I really enjoyed and benefited from the time working with you!!” C.S.


“Cloe, since I started working with you, I have regained my sense of humor” L.C.


“Cloé, thank you so much for introducing me to Medical Qigong.  The benefits I feel like I’m getting from the practice is amazing.  I feel so much more limber and energized that my whole world seems brighter.  I’ve been spending 20-30 minutes in the morning with the “exercises” that you showed us, and I actually look forward to it because it makes such a difference in my body.

I also really appreciate the way you introduced it to us–not so much instruction that it seemed too daunting, but as we began to pick it up, you were able to make small corre ctions so that it was still very accessible.  I know that there is still a lot of improvement possible, and I’m looking forward to a day long or weekend long clinic to work on it.  And I’m already looking forward to returning to your weekly session to work on it with your group.” L.N.



“My TMJ dysfunction  got totally and completely resolved in ONE session with Cloe’. It has been over two years and never returned. WOW!!” P.N.



“I used to have constant problems with chewing and had been diagnosed by several dentists with TMJD and was told that my only option was surgery. Thx to Cloé, I didn’t need to have surgery.” C.W.



“Thank you Cloe’.

I came in for general treatment with neck and hips pains and weight issue. Cloe’ helped me to “condense” my energy, restructure my weight into the weight bearing line forces  and in the process, I left my session feeling and looking thinner. My pelvis is more aligned and “condensed’. The pains are gone. I feel lighter.” W.A.



“While assisting and being around Cloe’ in her treatment room, I can feel that the energy in the room very strong and very connected. So glad to have had the experience, thank you!” D.S.



“Thank you Cloé, for all your help in healing the trauma following my car accident.”H.S.



“ I advise putting aside any assumptions you may have about eastern approaches to wellness. I am sure glad I did because Cloe showed me something better than anything I could ever imagined.

I am now healthier than I have been in six years, have more energy, am more productive and am experiencing a healthier relationship with my husband.” B.T.


“I see a chiropractor, a neurologist, a DO and their sessions do not cost me anything because they are on my insurance plan, but it is with you Cloe Couturier, that I get the most results.” E.B.


“During my 5 days intensive treatments at the Clinic, her presence at my table has been of paramount significance. Her beautiful presence and generous spirit gave me such a sense of safety, true-ness and open-ness that i let open in front of her things that i have not let to the open before.

I want to thank her with all my heart, as this has been the most beneficial aspect of my intensive care there.” V.S.


“My son’s three teachers witnessed improvements beyond expectations in his performance.” G.S.


“I feel so fortunate that you are my therapist.” L.R.


“Can you believe that it has been 10 years already since I have been working with you regularly Cloe?. Since you taught me how to talk to my ovaries I never had any more problem with my periods. She texted me 45 minutes after our session: My wrist actually LOOKS different” D.L.


"Dear Dr. Couturier

Thank you so much for all your help on Friday. I cannot believe that I finally got most of  my brain back. It feels great to finally be able to think straight and be alert and be focused and concentrate and to feel like my brain is not foggy anymore and I am less tired and less sleepy than before and can function better thanks to you.

Maybe now I will be able to finish college and get my biology degree. I am still not 100% but this is the best that I have felt in many years and the remedy has lasted. I appreciate your therapy. God led me to you.

Best Wishes and God Bless. L.D."


“I trust you, Cloe…I can’t say that about many people, but I feel this way about you.” C.R.


“Cloe, you are s a unique and compassionate person because you are interested in the problems of others and how you can help them. You are a talented person who has dedicated a large block of your life to increasing your base of knowledge and professional expertise. C.T.”


“I am counting the days before I come for my appointment …. I’m craving this work.” G.S.


“Cloe is a significant person who has done so much; including world travel, medical certifications, teaching and using her skills to help others. Cloe is an attractive and mysterious person whose strengths will frighten some but will warm and challenge the right people who will come into her life.” B.D.


“From the bottom of my heart, thank you Cloe Couturier for helping me get my brain back!!” E.S.


“Dear Cloe’. I am very grateful to have had you work on me as much as you were able to. Obviously, I haven’t realized how powerful a treatment could be. Appreciatively!” A.T.



“I tell everyone that Cloe is an alien from another planet. What other explanation could there be for how incredible she is. She is also my mentor, my guru, and the first person I go to if I have been injured physically and/or mentally. I know that Cloe is a special gift from the Universe. Thank you Universe! N.K.”



“Thank you Cloe for helping me survive and bringing me back to life.

I am back now. Thank you.  God Bless you. H.S.”



“Thank you for helping my grand-daughter with her constipation she is back to normal since you worked on her and feeling so much better. Thx Cloe’” – D.W.


“We are very lucky to have found Cloé and that we live nearby, because she is very gifted.” A.G.

“To Cloe´.

Words cannot express how life changing it has been meeting you and the impact you will continue to have on me some day when my #Upledger days are through. You are incredibly brilliant yet compassionate and understanding at the same time. My deepest layers get exposed yet I feel completely comfortable with you. Thank you for having the patience to unravel + reprogram my body with me and helping me create the life I was destined for. Our work is exciting. I look forward to learning + feeling the changes each time we are together. Thank you for being there for me when no one was able to be. C. G. PT

“I must say it was quite amazing finding Upledger especialy Cloe’. The first time I went from the advise of my son in-law, I had no idea what to expect. He was recovering after a very serious neck break and heard from his Dad about the wonderful things that were happening with CST. I must say I had no idea what was going on the first visit. The only thing I can say is that I decided to give it a second try as she can facilitate using both eastern & wetern practices making the body heal from within is totally amazing. After fifteen years sleeping with ice on my neck it took four visits to get it off. Keep up the good work I will be in touch.” J. O.


“I informed Cloe that I had been having deep occipital and temporal head pain with ringing in my ears, right greater than left. I had been feeling generally not well for a few months leading up to this visit. My neck felt tight and my cervical range of motion was mildly limited and painful at all end ranges.

Cloe began the appointment by checking my energy level and scanning the body for the primary sources of dysfunction. She found that my energy level was depleted and that my occiput/atlas junction was in desperate need of immediate attention. She worked on that area as well as my upper cervical region and cranium.

During the session, I could feel Cloe’s strong energetic presence and was able to clearly visualize all the techniques she was applying to my head and neck even with my eyes closed. I could feel areas in my head and neck that seemed to have needed the attention for some time. It felt like my spine had been jammed into my cranium and she was able to gently and effectively bring space and release to the area. I could feel my body unfolding and leading her each step of the way. The pressure utilized to affect these releases varied from light to heavy but I felt aware that every gram used was what was required to achieve the desired result. Cloe explained that there was some pooling of my CSF in my upper cervical region where the fluid had been stagnant. I could feel her hands and fingers pinpointing the precise area where the stagnant fluid was and release the restricted dural tissue in the area to allow the proper flow of new, fresh CSF to the area. The clarity and specificity at which she worked with my body and the crystal clear images I had as to where she was working and what she was doing was like nothing I had ever experienced. I felt that she was completely present while working with me, which allowed me to feel completely present with the self-healing properties in my own body and the two of those together made for a powerful healing environment within me at a level that I wasn’t aware was possible up to that point.

After the session, I could feel the “sickness” in my neck had been relieved, the range of cervical motion increased without pain at end range. The ringing in my ears was significantly reduced. I felt that I was able to stand up effortlessly and that my skull was floating gently on my neck. I felt hope that I was going to be ok again and that I had found someone who practiced in a way that really addressed my primary issues and could effectively create a positive change.”


“In January of 2013 I found myself in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  I had hoped to be able to see Jean-Pierre Barral as his Institute {}, was located there. I knew he had stopped practicing in Grenoble, France where I had had several Craniosacral and Visceral Manipulation sessions with him years ago for acid reflux and hiatal hernia. When I was told that Jean-Pierre was no longer seeing patients, I decided to check out people who had been trained by him. Amongst the names and credentials that I saw, one name stood out and interested me. It was Cloe Couturier. Not only did she have the Craniosacral and Visceral Manipulation credentials but also something that Barral had not had: Medical Qigong Therapy. I have been doing Tai Chi Chuan since 1976 and had seen my own Tai Chi Master cure himself many years ago from partial paralysis using Qigong. I had a strong sensation that a session with Cloe would prove to be beneficial. However, never did I imagine just how beneficial it would turn out to be….

I do not know exactly what Cloe did in that first session on January 4th, 2013 but I felt a surge of energy in my feet, legs, arms and lower abdomen that I could not remember feeling before. Some acupuncture sessions in Paris had been good but nothing like this. I walked out of that first session with Cloe feeling like I was 20 years younger. Cloe herself said that our work together had been extremely positive. I had come to Florida looking for Jean-Pierre Barral and found someone who suited me even better. I was amazed. The energy I felt was extraordinary. I decided to come back and have another session at the end of January.

The second session was even more powerful than the first. As Cloe worked on me, I again felt the surge of energy in my legs and arms but as she focused on my sacrum, I began to feel an enormous amount of energy in my abdomen which spread up through my chest, into my shoulders and up to my neck. I told Cloe that I had not felt that kind of energy in my upper body since I was 4 years old.

Unfortunately, I would be going back to France in February and did not know when I would be able to have another session with her. I do know I will come back to Palm Beach Gardens and see her again as the energy that was liberated in those 2 sessions with her is an experience I will never forget. I would like to thank her with all my heart and with all the energy that is now flowing freely through my body.

Great work, Cloe. Thank you.


R. B.”


“When I came in, my breathing did not work, and the more I tried to breathe a good Qi breath, the more tired I got and it did not make sense. You worked on my ribs, my throat the back of my neck, through my jaw and my mouth and then to the cervical and into my mouth, you also worked my lymph system and my temporals. It made that whole shoulder girdle release downward. Everybody kept telling me “bring your shoulders down” and I couldn’t, and now they are down, naturally! And the whole time during my session I could feel like a sharp tingling. like you would see sparkling on water, energy going up and down, constant activity up to my chest and now I feel that I have energy. Before I was always tired and dragging. Also my face was sagging and now it is thinner, all this stagnation has gone. With my shoulders being down and the energy circulating, I am breathing well again and easy. Amazing! Thank you Cloé.”


Dear Cloé,

I cannot thank you enough for these 3 months. You have given me tools to take home to keep myself healthy and to use in the work that I do for the patients I am privileged to serve.
Your hands are amazing and have such a calming, healing and restorative effect. The whole Craniosacral therapy/Qigong process is indescribable and totally amazing. You are truly a master!
We have had our ups downs through the process, but the process going through is what is necessary to get to the end result. I am not there yet, but I am on my way. I look forward to returning as I am able to continue our work.

You have taught me:

– How to totally relax and to breathe life into my being.
– So much about my body and made me so much more aware of the miracle of God’s design.
– How to begin to share my emotions, feelings and thoughts. It has not been a comfortable journey as it was all very foreign to my stuff, the stuff and stuck it up mentality that is now behind me.
– To trust, not just you, but my own feelings and emotions.
– To own it all and embrace my thoughts, feelings, and emotions as well as my body. Letting my guard down is still a work in progress, but I am internalizing the difference between protection and being guarded.

For the first time, in I do not know how many years, I do not have a stiff and sore neck causing an almost constant headache. You are a miracle worker!

I feel taller and straighter and my abdomen feels more open and uncluttered with nothing but the organs that should be there functioning properly. All the junk is gone. All the way up through my chest is wider and straighter and more open. The heaviness is gone. My head has expanded and the fluids feel as though they flow as they should. I finally feel as though the left side of my head has expanded and the left brain is working better.

I feel healthier and younger that I have in years. Thank you does not begin to express my appreciation for all that you have done for me.

May God continue to bless you, your hands and your work!
In eternal gratitude with a big hug,

Blessings, M.C.


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